Replace micro transactions with subscriptions...


I’ve seen a lot of anger towards micro transactions, in the gaming industry, and don’t want this title to follow that path! I love this game! I helped beta test it, when it released, and just came back to it. Since I’ve been gone, just over a year, the game has greatly improved!

This is one of few titles I would suggest this option... but honestly I think subscriptions would be best. Anywhere from $1.29/month to $4.99/month wouldn’t cripple our wallets. At the same time it would still guarantee a stable monthly income to the developers. Sort of a “Win Win” for everyone.

Advantages could range from 3-5 fate tokens per day. That way people could still revive fallen soldiers. As well as hire the odd hired sword if they choose. Not to mention the other benefits of Fate Tokens.

I’d love to hear some feedback from the community and or the developers on this suggestion...



I agree to some sort of sub.
or even a free "lite version" of the app and a premium account that gives you perks; there are possibilities.

I had three of four warriors die in two battles and not enough fate to revive them all so I just called them quits (fourth was a newbie warrior anyways.) That being said I already paid to unlock the faction and having to keep paying to keep death at bay seems a bit steep. I prefer to let them die if they die, it happens.

I think 3-5 fate per day is a bit too much, could have something like a daily log in reward ranging from some gold to fate to some items or maybe something rare each month.

Another idea would be to buy fate with gold.


That’s why I made this post. I want to see what the community thinks...

3-5 Fate Tokens per day was just to get the conversation started. As it was a pretty high Fate Token allowance. The daily login reward system works well with PUBG Mobile. It was actually better than the computer version, surprisingly, simply because of it. It motivates people to play daily. Giving them small rewards for simply logging in.

They’ve implemented a Fate Token to Gold system...

1 Fate Token = 15 Gold

Why not a Gold to Fate Token system?

50 Gold = 1 Fate Token or
100 Gold = 1 Fate Token or
150 Gold = 1 Fate Token...

I want to find a solution that helps both sides. The developers and the players. Micro transactions are causing a lot of gamers to drop certain mobile games because of their implementation. I don’t want to see that happen with this game.
There is theres the temple thing where you cam spend 100 gold at the chance of fate.

Though I think honestly it can all work together.
Like a sub thing as you stated may be better for some,
Still have microtransactions for on-off players,
Then also make a guarantied way to get fate (i reckon 500 gold for 1 fate would work, especially if they up transfering 1 fate into 50 gold)


Currently their Fate to Gold system is as followed...

1F = 15G

That’s why I suggested introducing Gold to Fate...

50G = 1F (3x)
100G = 1F (7x)
150G = 1F (10x)

Guaranteed Fate is a must though. Even if it’s at a cost of ten times it’s value in gold back. Gambling on it is rather discouraging. Even illegal in some regions. I can see what you mean about keeping micro transactions. Adding a subscription feature instead of replacing micro transactions might work better, for everyone.

Dedicated diehards would benefit from a subscription service. Getting some undefined reward for their part. While allowing the causals a chance pick it up and put it down, whenever. The big question would be... how much would people be willing to pay? Myself, honestly, $5 CDN is my low end considerable contribution. I’m a huge fan of the game. I don’t want it to simply fade away, one day. There’s so much potential here.

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