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Discussion in 'Creative Section' started by OverWatch, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. OverWatch

    Hey every one,

    I decided to create some Forum signatures for you all to use so that you can represent your favourite Mercenary Warband. If you like the look of these and want to see more just let me know, I do plan on creating more for the other Warbands we're featuring in the game! Oh and before I tell you how to use these, don't hesitate to use the signatures I've put together on any Mordheim / Warhammer related Forums you may be on... Any help we can get to spread the word of Mordheim: Warband Skirmish is greatly appreciated!

    These are the designs I've came up with. As you can see there's one for each Mercenary Warband we'll be featuring in the game.

    Link -

    Link -

    Link -

    If you're unsure on how to use these signatures follow these steps:
    1. Copy the link below the signature you want to use
    2. Hover over your name (next to "Inbox" in the right hand corner of the Forums)
    3. Select "Signature"
    4. Click on the little tree symbol (when you hover over it, it'll say "Insert/Edit Image")
    5. Insert your link
    6. Save
    Hope you all like these signatures and don't forget the Creative Section isn't just for us to post, it's a place for you to share your art as well! So be creative and have fun.
  2. Spirant_Frame Private

    Thank you kindly! :)
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  3. morjax

    Any word on what other ones are planned? Are there any differences between the human races as of now, or is it a Star Trek Charon-type-situation right now, where it's just bragging rights on which you like best?
  4. OverWatch

    In the game we plan on adding the following:
    • The three Mercenary Warbands we currently have in-game (Reikland, Marienburg, Middenheim).
    • Skaven.
    • Undead.
    • Cult of the Possessed.
    • Witch Hunters.
    • Sisters of Sigmar.
    The three mercenary Warbands do differentiate! You'll notice firstly that the appearance of each Warband is different. So for example they wear different types of armour, facial features wise they differentiate and also they have different skills! Some warbands are limited to certain skills, and will be stronger at certain aspects like melee attacking / ranged attacking for example. We plan to make the Warbands more noticeably different! And will be adding that to the game fairly soon I reckon.
  5. OverWatch

    P.S... Here's your custom Morjax sig ;)
  6. Game kNight Private

    Great stuff! :) Reikland FTW!
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  7. Mendeleev Private

    If you wanna win the war, always go where the cash flows !

    Marienburg, because I'm worth it !
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  8. morjax

    Cash is king, but 100 GC will only put you about one battle ahead of the others. I prefer unit benefit over the one-time cash prize :D
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  9. Mendeleev Private

    Always pick te money when it's offered Morjax, that's the rule ;)
  10. OverWatch

    Try not to blow all your cash ;)!
  11. OverWatch

  12. morjax

    I'll have to update my goofball design, I suppose :p (also, I find I like ranged enough that I really relate more to Reikland now. I guess I'll have to update it DOUBLY so!)
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  13. Trafalgar Law Private

    Middenheim, cause i have the heart of an Ork and melee combat is my language!
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  14. OverWatch

    Welcome aboard ;)
  15. Lem213 Private

    I never played much of the Mercs, (why would you when you could be the skaven or the Cult), but the few times I did, I was Reikland!
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  16. morjax

    Skaven and cult are coming, but in the meantime, you can go pound some mercs :p
  17. OverWatch

    Although I'm liking the mercs so far... I will be converting to Skaven as soon as they're released :cool:. The ninja crew shall prevail!
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  18. Yosefthegod Private

    I agree that the starting cash probably isn't enough of an advantage throughout the game. Maybe there could be another small long term advantage as well (they could receive slightly more gold when selling wyrdstone due or equipment and new warriors could cost slightly less as well *due to their trading contacts back home).
  19. morjax

    Well, they do get increased rarity of items found in the store. I find this is a pretty strong late game bonus, and the cash is a nice start ,so it's really just the midgame that's a bit of a slump.
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  20. Yosefthegod Private

    Cool, i hadnt realised that :)

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