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  1. Josh Private

    Hey All Im totally new to this blog. But I've been pretty nuts about all the GW stuff in the past and have been really enjoying the WarBand game a heap. But was wondering how the hell do you or can you get your war band back after you've been forced to delete the app off your device only to realise that your starting afresh and those countless hours have gone to waste.
    I have restarted the game FIVE times now and for those on the leader board or who have been playing the game a while I'm the one who Puts All those Borowski Clans together! Ive just started another called More Borowski's. Is anyone able to help me out or point me in the right direction?
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  2. Overwatch

    Hey Josh,

    You shouldn't be forced to uninstall the game! If this is happening please let us know what's causing you to do that.

    If you run into any bugs when playing we wouldn't suggest uninstalling the game, all that will do (like you've stated) is remove your data and you'll have to start over again. Instead, you should make us aware via the forums and we'll work on a fix for you.

    We very rarely delete Warband data or make testers start from fresh but when we do, we always make players aware of this in the updates we post on the forums whenever a new build is launched. Unfortunately, if you have deleted the app and reinstalled it that means that you won't be able to get your Warband back and will have to start from fresh!

    Hope this info helps and if you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask,
    Ed - Community Manager
  3. Josh Private

    So Ed Ive gotten over re starting another band again but was wondering if an online back up would be a feature worth a mention.
    I was recently playing "walking war Robots" and discovered that even if the game was deleted and re installed your data was saved via your Games Centre account. This perk kept myself and others playing the game for quite some time.
    If the people playing are not Mordhiem or GW enthusiasts then loosing there hard work on account of a broken, lost, or updated (oops I forgot to Back up) devise, would be reasonably discouraged from furthering there involvement and investment into your great game. I think there is great potential and a lot of material in the world of the Warhammer/Mordhiem world that could be made very lucrative on account of its playability and fascinating concepts.
    Just a thought.
  4. Overwatch

    Hey, Josh!

    I believe the message I've just sent across to you will answer some of the questions you've asked! But for everyone else that's watching the thread, cloud saving is something we're really keen on getting into the game. For reasons that Josh has just brought up.
  5. Gorvar Private

    I like playing as the Reiklanders. For they can appreciate the sophistication of proper Dawi-made craft.
    A little blackpowder will send those umgi running....well after I send my captain to rush in, stab and then shoot them in the face with a pistol.
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  6. Salj Major

    Any chance on getting a Skaven banner while I wait to make a proper lord of change warband?
  7. Chaggins Private

    Ewwwwww tzeentch where is papa nurgles love at man
  8. Overwatch

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  9. Salj Major

    Nothing changes with the filth-bag is always rot and petulance.
  10. Chaggins Private

    Nah man nurgle is death and for death u need life it's allways changing from one state to another it's not evilnits the circle of life in all its decaying rotting glory
  11. Salj Major

    It so predictable life death, no entropy nothing ever exciting.
  12. GrayWhen Private

    Is there a skaven one?
  13. GrayWhen Private

    Sorry just found the link
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  14. Overwatch

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