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    My purpose with this post is to create a win/win situation for Legendary and us players. Win for Legendary in that they could generate more revenue and win for us players in that it would increase our enjoyment of this game. The options proposed below are those which I believe would require little programming work (I'm not a programmer so correct me if I'm wrong)

    1) Face Customizations: players would be willing to spend Fate to be able to change the faces of their warriors. There is already a set of available faces skins so this would be just to allow players to toggle through the options and select the one they want. Perhaps charge 1 Fate per warrior to customize?

    2) Ability to select which warriors are active. Perhaps creating a toggle button. The purpose of this is to allow warbands to adjust their ratings to get PVP match-ups as well as mix-up their play styles. I noticed that once you surpass 1,000, PVP matches are difficult to get. Also those who have a full warband may want to switch things up and play a solo warrior or try new combinations with differed hired swords without having to dismiss any warriors that they worked hard to level. I'd be willing to spend Fate to have this option. Perhaps charge 5 - 10 Fate per warband to unlock this option?

    3) Ability to add more than 8 warriors to a warband. This of course requires that #2 above is activated. But in my full warbands, I sometimes look at the Tavern and there is a hired sword I'd love to purchase, but unfortunately my warband is full. Now if you dismiss a warrior, the Tavern gets reset so you'll lose that one hired sword you wanted to buy. But if we could add more slots to a warband, you'll see more revenue as players like me will buy more hired swords.

    4) Armor and Weapon customization: Adding more skins to tailor armor and weapons to match the a warband. I know you've done some like the agent armor options which is great but add more. Along the lines of this, perhaps add vanity type of skins that you could charge a premium number of Fate. I know many games do this, so why not you guys? For example, perhaps have demon wings for the magister or angel wings for the sister leader? This would have not game effect other than it looks cool, hence a vanity item.

    I'm sure people have many other ideas, but just trying to limit to the ones that are realistic in terms of programming work.
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    I think angel wings would be totally inconsistent with WFB IP but agree with everything else about this. Great post!
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    1 good idea
    2 alternative idea , you can ,,deactivate ,, warriors , but you still need to pay full upkeep(that the right word?) , for them (and no that mechanic could be to importand to hide behind paywall)
    exaple= you have 5 members in warband ,3 active ,2 deactiveded , match reward- for 3 members , but wyrdstone price , shop prices-for 5 man warband,
    3. hmmm nope , maybe allow to recruit 9 warior ,and immediately after that , you need to dissmis another warband member
    4. more faction customization ? , why not , but wings ? honestly? for magister it have kinda sense ,but for sister of sigmar ?

    5.(bonus idea), visiored helmets customized into the great helmets counterparts and pit figher helmet, easy to do (compared to making new models and stuff)
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    I like it, but it could be interesting to make a list with a schematic compilation of all the ideas of "the best way to have your say" and go updating the first post with the ideas, there are many good ones, but some need a bit of work to implement them.

    1. Agree, I asked for it on discord, to have more bad looking faces with scars, blinded eyes, or things like this could be awesome.
    2. People asked for this many times, and if you have to pay for them like Algirdas25 says it could have more sense.
    3. Agree.
    4. Agree if it's realistic and lore like. Many items could fit here, a sword in the belt, different tails for skaven, cloaks, quivers (this should be free for any character with a bow), cosmetic shields for the back etc...

    5.I will like to have a bigger tavern. With 6-8 guys instead of 4 (unlocked with fate?)
    6.A way to skip turn with all the members in a row if I want to wait to ambush
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    5.I will like to have a bigger tavern. With 6-8 guys instead of 4 (unlocked with fate?)
    Bing! bing-bing-bing! So much yes.

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