Rules questions.

I have some questions:

Handguns in close (mele) combat impact by BS or WS?

Some skills like lighting reflexes o quick reactions let you do an reaccion atack, so...If you are equipped with 2 handgunds, the reaction atack will be gun shots, or recoils?


The answer to your first question is: sort of both.

The pistol in your main hand hits with weapon skill and your character's strength, the pistol in your offhand hits with ballistic skill and the strength of your weapon.

Skills which give bonus attacks from the Combat skill are melee attacks and use the main hand pistol and weapon skill. Skills which give extra attacks from the Shooting tree use the off hand pistol and ballistic skill. Skill which give bonus attacks from the Speed tree should specify if they are melee or ranged attacks in the description. But if I remember correctly, Quick Reactions and Lightning Reflexes use WS, and Ambush uses BS.


Oh! The animation will tell you also, when you actually use it.

If the warrior swings his pistol like a club, and it makes a punching sound if you have the sounds on, then it's WS.

If the warrior fires it like it gun, and it makes a gun sound, it's BS.