Scenarios Broken. Please Fix.


Other option was to need someone in the band with a pickeaxe and not everyone carrying one to be able to use the skill with the rest of the guys. This has more sense for me, but they should be able to move a bit more than their natural movement
I like that. So the one guy that equips it lets the entire warband infiltrate. This can make sense as it only takes one guy to dig a tunnel that everyone can walk through.

Jesse Shaffer

...option [is] to [require only one person] in the band [to have] a pickeaxe and not use the skill with the rest of the guys. This [makes] more sense for me, but they should be able to move a bit more than their natural movement....
OMG, if Legendary wants to sell us an Engineer, ⬆︎ THIS ⬆ is what he needs!

In tabletop, engineers extended the range of pistols and crossbows for the whole warband but the translation of this skill (i.e. mechanical and chemical engineer) is something all dwarves on mobile have. So why have an engineer?

An engineer with a pick axe could extend infiltration to all allied dwarves.

I agree with everyone that the more movement we can get on turn one the better. The reason I suggested extending infiltration to turn 2 instead is that it's more biomechanically consistent with dwarven physiology. Dwarves move faster than snails and sloths and that's about it. Since infiltration is something dwarves can do now, a second turn of it is just an additional instance of dwarves being dwarves. But infiltration plus a 2x, 3x, or greater speed increase is dwarves being...something else. While dwarfs don't do speed skills, an increase of +1 or +2 movement during infiltration might be a reasonable academic skill. For example:

Efficient Engineer: The miner's superior routing knowledge of subterranean tunnels grants +1 movement during infiltration.
I don't know if my comment belongs here, but it's certainly regarding broken scenarios. In PVP, find the treasure scenario, I was up against a solo Merc Captain with Flight of Zimmerman (rating 340). My warband is Marienburg, and I have 5 units with that spell, too (Captain, 2 Warlocks and 2 Elves), rating 530. However, due to the positionning of the treasure, my opponent only had to fly in and out, and it was over in 3 turns.

I did my best to intercept the culprit, ignoring the treasure totally. I knew it was mathematically impossible to get it before opponent, even with move 5-6 and flying. I was aiming at the opponent's exit point, hoping I could stun him before he ran away. Even then, he just zoomed past me, unhindered in any ways. I didn't even got a single shot at him.

Indeed, some scenarios are totally broken. Please fix these with the treasure more or less positionned at equal distance for the two warbands. As it is, some scenarios are just instant win/lose, depending on your team, REGARDLESS of what the opponent is playing (as was the case of that map : an M5 flyer will always win, even against faster flyers).

For the record, the map was Cemetery, with my team starting in between the two churches and in front of the stairs. Opponent's zone was on opposite side, in front a breach in the wall that's next to some crypts. The treasure was in the upper right corner, from my perspective.

Just move the treasure down that aisle, in the middle, and it should be fair and square to most teams.

I'm certain some other maps need to be fixed (not just the Dwarves!).