Scrap items


Currently no point but to sell. I do wish they would add a button in the Tech Bazaar Shop to Sell All Scrap so you can get rid of them in one click vs scrolling through each one though.
What is a scrap item? Just items you dont need?
Because if that's the question then you can figure that out yourself....
Sell it or keep it... I donno what answer you were expecting
You get scrap items from the badzone. I was wondering if maybe they were planning to add a repair skill which could be unlocked to make use of them because it's a bit pointless otherwise when they're worth less than 100 creds each.
Huh? Wierd, I have never gotten scrap from the Badzone, I've only ever gotten credits from collecting those crates.
The description says that you should be able to find some gear, and the symbols are the credit and robot head symbols. The tech bazaar uses the robot symbol so the Badzones should get you better tech in the market and some creds but atm the market doesn't seem to get anything better. It might just be because my willpower Is low as I dont upgrade it because it has no effect at all in the game. So it could just be a matter of the willpower skill being too low for me
I've got willpower 90 on one guy. They've changed how the badzones works recently, I used to get between 5-7k but now about 2k max. Occasionally you'll get weapons or scrap items. I just got a scrap stiletto sword last time out, which is useless and worth probably 200creds at most. Best I see is two handed axes which I can sell for maybe 1250-1500. I don't think bsdzone affects tech bazaar, just higher intelligence gets better items in tech shop.