Severe Harvester Bug

James Bell

When I took control of Death Valley, I emptied the harvester and it was still full. This bug was permanently on the territory so I could unload 500 resources at any time.

However it seems to get invaded by marauders on an unusual rate. This instance of taking the territory back I can no longer harvest when I want to (So the bug is fixed). From this the bug has now changed. The bug now is the game still tells me that the territory is full when it is completely empty.

There bug has changed from a Severe Bug into a General Bug.
I have encountered the same issue, I have a harvester that is supposedly "Ready to Harvest", but contains no resources and does not have the option to unload it.
See the website below for reference.

This is only a general bug that occurs IN GAME, since you CAN still complete the game, but speaking as a player that has only just completed the tutorial, it is VERY important that I am able to harvest as many resources as possible in order to build up a sufficient force.

James Bell

The initial bug is very severe because it enables the player to "cheat" for resources.

As far as the resulting bug of the empty harvester, this is a general bug because it affects the game play in the way that you can't unload the harvester despite it telling you "Ready"


This is a good find, as it could allow new players to build very big armies (as long as the units are researched). Wish I had found this bug!

Gavin Rummery

Staff member
OK, thanks for reporting this. The problem was with territories where the harvest value was effectively negative because you had destroyed everything but toxic spills. This has been fixed for the next release.