Single Player suddenly very lethal

Anyone else think the vs cpu matches are suddenly lethal? The computer teams are dealing a lot more damage since the last update. I just had a regular reiklander with a comet hammer one shot my 85 def 40% parry leader with a 16 damage hit. My team in turn barely deals damage, even with max str/ws. Suddenly im rolling multiple times for downed fighters each fight where before I could play wisely and not.

Auretious Taak

Comet hammers make your defnsea maximum of 30 so your reiklander was actually 30 def with 40% chance to parry, parrying halving the damage of the attack if it is succesful, which it wasn't in the case you mentioned.

The AI teams are players teams, so it also is luck of the draw on whether you are vsing a very highlyd evelopedand ratings abusive warband vs a hoidge podge average at best warband, and then the ai behaves relatively similarly overall for eachw arband type. I find that hiding and trying for the alpha strike is usually the best bet. remember, youc an delay your activation till after everyone else has activated and against the ai which never does this you can set up an in effect double attack turn. This is something player opponents can do back but the ai won't.

I like the ai difficulty. It's challenging and nice as it makes you play more cautiously instead of just playing them for easy wins.


I think it may be because you are being matched up based on power rating vs warband rating. Experienced warbands shouldn't be impacted much, but if you are starting a new warband or a solo warband, some skills can significantly bump up your rating where you'll get matched up to a tougher opponent. For example, if you starting a new solo merc, don't pick combat master and unstoppable charge early on, they'll bump your rating 300 each.