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Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Wyrdstone Dave, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Wyrdstone Dave Private

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    My skaven have started doing two weird things:

    1. Sometimes individuals just flee, even when they’re not in combat and not injured. I know they have low Leadership but I can’t understand why they flee. They haven’t had to take all alone tests because they haven’t been in combat.

    2. My assassin adept and another character tried to charge a vampire and they weren’t able to move. It said they failed a leadership test. Both skaven are Fearsome and don’t usually have to check Leadership to charge a fear-casing enemy. Does the vampire cause terror or something?

    Any ideas or explanations would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Trapsinger Brigadier

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    I can respond to number 1, there are two other reasons to flee. If you get shot when you're all alone, that forces a test as well. Or if you kept fleeing for multiple turns it was probably Dread of Aramar (i think it's called?) a warlock spell that forces you to flee until you pass a leadership test.

    i've had the same problem as number 2. don't know what causes it.
  3. Spannna Private

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    I've noticed something rather similar, instead this is when I played my undead against a Skaven WB. Skaven seem to get a lil more feared than usual on most recent skirmishes. I didnt think much, because, Skaven = fearful, Undead = fear inducing. However 2 notable games had the two different Skaven WB fearlocked for good chunk of the turns. They were also reasonably kitted out. However I'm only taking an educated guess.

    This is true for both fear causing warriors. Additionally I'm curious myself to find out if there is a terror mechanic. This lead me to check the TT core rulebook, nothing about a "terror" mechanic. Although new to the TT Mordheim, I haven't run across it with the group i play with, yet... But i could be wrong.

    I would say this "may" be a bug.

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