Skaven Packmaster - Now available!


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We have a new update for you all to download and install! So before you read on, go to the store and update your version of Mordheim: WS.

Packmasters whip their way into this weeks update. On top of that, we have two new battle environments for you to explore and plunder. Be wary though, you will encounter tough opponents in these areas. You must have a high Warband rating to discover the Market Square and Executioner's Square. Gear up, and get out there!

- Added Packmaster :Skaven:
- Added character information popup
- Added Market Squares battle environment
- Fixed wall collision on stables battle environment
- Fixed repeater handgun
- Fixed bug with rout hp calculation
- Various stability fixes
- Quick recover fix

Quick-quick, update your version of Mordheim: WS, stupid man-things.



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What exactly do the packmasters do? (not being antagonistic, truly a question out of curiosity)


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Boost the leadership stats of your Giant Rats, and Rat Ogres (+20). They also stop your Giant Rats from roaming around aimlessly. If you have a Packmaster in your Warband your Giant Rats will follow his lead. We've implemented info panels into the game which will tell you information like this, just tap on the name of the unit at the bottom!