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Discussion in 'Bugs / Suggestions / Support' started by nahar, May 22, 2018.

  1. nahar Private

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    I think that one topic for all skills issues could be helpful.


    Lighting Reflex - now I hit only first enemy in turn. Earlier I hit each one slower than my hero. Is it intended?
  2. Shangular Major

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    I noticed that too. I initially assumed it was an effort to balance the game so that lower level characters have a chance against high level characters? especially with the release of the vampire. But with this change, those who haven't already got the Rain of Blows achievement will never be able to do so, so perhaps it may be a bug?
  3. Ewan Lamont

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    Lightening reflex was a bug fix, it was only ever intended to do one attack in the off turn. It had been on the fix list for a while but being able to eradicate Zombie swarms without lifting a finger pushed it up the priority track.

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