skills doesn't work


I've skaven shooting character on L25 that somehow:
- lost his fear skill (he causes fear but lately he's scared and can not charge..
- has ability to shot with his pistol every round but suddenly has to spend a round on reroll

can you solve this issue?

Lord Bl00d

In each of my warbands with shooting characters one of them has forgotten “Hunter”, “Nimble”, “quick shot”, or all of them.

When the character is designed and equipped to take 2 shots per turn but is only taking 1 shot every other turn, it completely cripples the character and the warband!

The skill is still marked as learned in the character in the camp scene, so you can’t even earn an advance and rebuy it, it just doesn’t work in the game.

It’s extremely frustrating when your warband just stops working.

Perl Fisher

I have also experienced this bug. Sometimes it goes away if game is reloaded, at other times it does not.
Once I had to fire a high level ghoul, because he visibly didn’t get the bonuses from some skills (i.e. Sprint, Mighty Blow), he had. It didn’t help to reload the game in that case.
It didn’t matter much, because I was already in the process of replacing my ghouls with comet maul equipped dregs, as ghouls can never learn to properly penetrate armour. Rending Claws just doesn’t cut it, as it just lowers enemy armour to 50.