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  1. Chaosticket Major

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    Some skills have ambiguous wording and provide situation bonuses that cant be examined from the Warband member options before battle.

    Can you tell me how some skills work exactly?

    --------------------------COMBAT SKILLS
    Expert Swordsmen, does it add +1 damage to every damage roll using a sword? Does it only work sometimes?

    Step Aside, what does "In combat" mean for Step Aside to activate?
    ------------------------SHOOTING SKILLS
    Eagle Eyes, it increases range, but what does that do? Does it reduce the penalty for long range shooting?

    Nimble, does it allow running and using a Ranged Weapon? Does it change the penalty for weapons that can already move and shoot?

    ---------------------------ACADEMIC SKILLS
    Wyrdstone Hunter, how does this work exactly?
    -----------------------STRENGTH SKILLS
    Fearsome, does it protect against enemies' own Fearsome skill?

    Unstoppable Charge, does it only work on the first attack while charging?
    ------------------------------SPEED SKILLS
    Perception, does it increase the range you spot enemies hidden by cover? Does it increase the view range a character can spot all enemies not in cover?

    Ambush, does it automatically shoot any time a spotted enemy moves through weapon range? Does it break stealth? Can it work multiple times per turn? Does it work with Quick Shot to fire twice?

    Lightning Reflexes, does it work with Ranged weapons? Can it work on each attack? Can it work against multiple charging enemies in the same turn?

    Quick Reactions, does it work with Ranged Weapons? How many attacks are allowed?
  2. Adam Smith Lead Programmer

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    Expert Swordsman: uses your weapon skill as a percentage chance of adding 1 to the number of hits.

    Step Aside: a character is counted as "in combat" if they have attacked or been attacked (and the enemy is still alive and still in range)

    Eagle Eyes: adds 6 to the visual range used to determine whether a character can see enemies in the open, and adds 3 to the range used to spot hidden characters. It does not affect weapon accuracy

    Nimble: will only affect ranged weapons that you cannot move and fire with. It does not allow running and shooting.

    Wyrdstone Hunter: adds 3 to the shard score used to calculate how many shards you are awarded, based on the tabletop rules for shards.

    Fearsome: being a fear causing character grants you immunity to Fear.

    Unstoppable Charge: it should do, if. You are seeing otherwise, I will investigate.

    Perception: it only increases the spot hidden range.

    Ambush: it should perform an out of sequence ranged attack once someone moves within shooting range, whilst the shooter is hidden. Shooting will reveal the ambush in character. It will not work multiple times a turn as the character is no longer hidden. It does not work with quick shot.

    Lightning Reflexes: does not work with ranged weapons, will work against any charging characters (possibly activating multiple times a turn)

    Quick Reactions: does not work with ranged weapons, only gives one free attack.
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  3. Chaosticket Major

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    You may want to alter some of the abilities then.

    Why are there skills in the Speed skill tree if they only work with melee weapons? They should be in the Combat/Melee section.

    What use is Ambush if it only works on MAYBE one random enemy when you can fire 2 targeted shots every turn otherwise?

    The available skills are ridiculously favored for melee, when Quick Shot is the top shooting skill and melee has 3 attacks with Frenzy doubling that.
  4. Veteran Private

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    Ambush is a real killer, you just don't seem to understand how it works. An ambushing marksman may shoot more than once per turn. In fact he may shoot every model that crosses his line of sight and stays hidden while doing so!
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  5. Chaosticket Major

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    Well that was what I was asking. Regular shooting reveals the firer, but does shooting during Ambush? In Theory having Hide in the Shadows and Ambush would work well to give you plenty of free attacks on anything in shooting range. Having a high Initiative and/or Eagles Eyes/Perception would boost your sight range

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