skirmish opponents at beginning of game



I was curious how opponents are chosen for skirmishes at the beginning of the game. For example, when an attack is made against a white location that is adjacent to your starting castle, is that skirmish going to be against a computer opponent? Or would it be another player from the same game? If so, would someone be chosen at random? (or someone with enough mana)

Partly I'm curious since the opponent probably would not have any locations adjacent to the skirmish, so if he won then it would be a way to conquer and own locations scattered across the map. Not sure if this is how it works?.?

I remember having to play an opponent of the same element , so I guess it choses any opponent that has the possibility to take or defend the territory

If there was a case where there was no human player who could be adjacent so as to try and claim it ; then im not sure what would happen


Towards the beginning of the game I've noticed that most locations are white (which I think means no one controls them). It is probably only the starting castles that are occupied, so I suspect at the beginning most territories would not be adjacent to any human players.

Also, I think in these cases I've been against opponents of all the different elements.

Ewan Lamont

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Hi Guys

We'll keep an air of mystery on how it all works exactly ;) but you are always matched against a human and one that should give you a decent game.
yes , that skill bit seems true - at the start i seemed to be against players who were not used to the game at all yet , so they retreated early on after quick losses , but now at higher levels its players with different tactics - some returning to standard chess tactics , and others being more inclined to pure shuuro tactics ( although one was so evenly matched the two kings were left staring at each other with the two remaining pawns daring each other to move )


Hi Ewan, Neo,

Mystery is ok with me!

However, that shoots down my new theory which I was going to post. I was theorizing that all opponents in Campaign mode were computer opponents. I'll need to come up with a new theory!
John > Im pretty sure its a server matchup of a possible opponent of a similar level , where a possible opponent would be based on possibly mana, same element as the territory being attacked or ability to take over or maintain that area on victory - and that it would have certain priorities to try and have the most suitable players match up.

Although today ive had two territories fall unopposed, so its maybe possible some of those characteristics are essential , but beyond that i couldn't guess - so i think the important bits are it will always be another player and it will be the most suitable of those available



I have a new theory after thinking more about what Ewan said. I think there is one player per game (or you could say per map, let's call him Player A). When Player A attacks a territory, the server will pair him up with someone else (from a different map) who is also attacking a new territory. I think the only 2 primary requirements (for matching up players) are the size of the battlefield, and trying to match experience (or ranking) levels. Otherwise, it doesn't really matter what element Player B is because the game can show to Player A whatever color he would be expecting (even if Player B was not that color in his own map).

If Player B wins, in Player A's map the territory would go back to the original color (white/green/yellow/red/blue). In Player B's map (if B wins), the territory would switch to his color.

Though I might be wrong (if so it would be the second time ;))
That would be plausable as both a solution and a design idea: so its certainly a possibility
It may also explain why the players name is not shown in a match, and just shows the opponents title (making an element match untraceable which could prove that kind of system)
The only thing it wouldnt explain is that unopposed thing i had twice: if it was by that system , it would only have needed another player of a similar level to play any territory within the day - so either my rank temporarily became unique, coincidence or theres a further factor

Either way, it sounds possible. Id like to think you always maintained element colour so in element specific areas level was relaxed a little to facilitate matching, but it really could be anything