Slings should be much better... and are currently broken

Okay 60 games into my Skaven warband challenge and I have a real feeling that part of the reason why the Skaven Warband doesn't quite feel right is that slings are not nearly as effective as they should be. I remember them being the best part of the table-top game. In Mordheim Warband Skirmish they are boring, ineffective and meh...

Here are my top suggestions to improve slings:

1. Lower the skill threshold to use slings
2. Slings should have an increase in rate of fire.
3. Increase the type and number of slings.
4. Add armor piercing ammo or skill.

1. Lower the skill threshold for slings: When I first started playing my skaven warband I was confused as to why I didn't have immediate access to slings, I know that others have had the same issue. The solution is that you have to unlock slings by buying the thrown weapon skill of course this brings a logical conundrum. Slings are not a thrown weapon, they are missile weapons and this is not explained in the description.

Slings should be available without needing to buy a damn skill.

Slings are simple to use and the clan Eshin warriors should know how to work them. If a verminkin warrior can use a flail without extra training, then knowing how to use a sling should be a no brainer. In the ancient world kids would learn to use slings as their first weapon to hunt with. The trained killers of clan Eshin would probably have also learned to use slings since they could crawl. Having to unlock slings is an annoyance especially at the crucial early stages of a warband when every skill point matters.

3. Slings should have an increase in rate of fire: Skaven are not going to be able to complete with bows and hand guns at long range which is as it should be. The problem is that the slings should be better at short range. The sling is not that powerful and you will need several shots, at very close range to stun even a lightly armored opponent. If you give up your hiding position to take a chance with a sling and miss then you are likely dead-meat when your pissed off opponent charges you or when a nearby marksmen targets you with his handgun. It is okay if you increase the cost of slings up to 5 or 10 gold, a price that would be well worth paying to make them more effective.

4. Increase the type and number of slings: Why is there just one sling? You can get three types of knives and five types of shields but just one sling? Why not make expensive troll or saurus hide slings that increase the range or the damage output or both?

3. Add armor piercing ammo or skill: Quite predictably slings are not that effective against heavily armored opponents. But in real life, ancient slingers would shave sling stones to have a bullet-like properties so that they could penetrate armor. Slings should never be great at armor penetration but adding a skill that makes slings more effective is not a bad idea.


I have had some fun playing with slings so far and knocked out my fair share of enemy warriors but they are not nearly as good or effective as they should be. My own experience is that just when my own slingers level up to the point of actually being somewhat useful I am met by more heavily armored warbands backed up by lethal marksmen. Making the slings better at the start of the game would be a good way to increase their effectiveness as a weapon and the effectiveness of the Skaven as a viable warband.