Some more possible updates for you, what do you think?

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Overwatch, Jan 15, 2015.

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    With the new year, means new content. Unfortunately this week I don't have any major updates to announce as we're all still getting back of the swing of things, and we've been concentrating on what we think you would like. So, have a read and tell me what you think of these.

    Surrounding Tactics and the Year 0 world a few smaller updates are up for suggestion. If you're not aware by now we are looking to release Tactics to as many platforms as we physically can, with it being a HTML5 game its quite easily adaptable. The next platform you can expect to see Tactics on is Googleplay, this should hopefully be up and running with a week, two at tops. Additionally, Facebook is something out CTO is looking into at the moment and it looks very likely we will be releasing on there soon, however I haven't heard much from this subject, so it may take a little longer. With Tactics on Facebook it will mean creating a new fan page, so make sure you show how loyal you all are and head over there with support when I release the official page. Lastly steam is something we are considering but its a difficult one. With our concentration on Google play and Facebook its likely we'll then be revisiting mobile markets including iOS and Android before moving onto the mother ship of Steam.

    So, This shouldn't really be mentioned here but I'll mention it anyway because I know we have some Year 0 Fans out there. I'll also post this to the Year 0 forum. Year 0 was released a while ago now, and it hasn't had any content updates since its launch. With our focus being primarily on Tactics, and now with that being launched we want to perhaps give Year 0 a bit of love. We hope to revisit Year 0 and replace the older models and graphics with the same Tactics 3D content. Not only will this make the game look better, but it will link the two together nicely which should be awesome to see.

    As of now we have a few devs working on some smaller updates surrounding Tactics including shop screens, graphic enhancements and enhancing performance but I'll reveal all these updates when they go live, hopefully next week.

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    Getting Tactics onto facebook would be cool. Already have Year 0 on there. not sure how tactics works with a controller but how would it work on xbox like marketplace?
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