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Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by CuliDuri, Jul 1, 2019.

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    My warband is quoted 260 rank, and it's made of a dwarf and an Ogre. Actually,in the town cryer I can only see/fight against 320/340 ranking warbands, getting just 1 shard and witout any Underdog bonus or Reduced injury chance.
    How can I change this stuff? the game seems unplayable to me now, I cannot fight 2vs7/8 warior.

    Other question: is it possible getting a fate coin DONATING 100G?
    I have spent something like 1000 coins,getting only useless blessing….

    3rd > there are no ADV videos to watch instead pay coins for injuries in the PC game. Why?
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    1 you geared and advanced your 2 hiredswords to a very high lvl for 2 models. Maybe change some gear to drop some pts? And yeah at that lvl ull be out numbered. Hire more, and coins to lvl them a bit...another option.
    2i believe fate is possible but it would be pretty rare, and am not 100%

    3 if you run out of fate coins/tokens you will get vids as option for injuries only, but u need Zero Fate. Death...well get fate or its dead.

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