Some stuff for the Wiki


Hi people!!!!

Since its been a few weeks since the reset and most have made some good progress into the game i thought this would be the perfect time to ask if anyone has some tips for the "Help, I'm a n00b!!" wiki page. Since this will hopefully be a great resource for new players it would be better if you discussed your tips in the comments here so that we can see what other players think of them. If you disagree with one of the tips already on their then please leave a comment here as to why you disagree with it.,_I'm_a_n00b!!

On another note I've recently finished up pages on Energy and Power. I'm not very far into the game and I'm wondering if i missed some important features and bits of information that i haven't unlocked yet. If your a fair way into the game then it would be great if you could take a look and add anything I've missed or comment here so that someone else can do it.

Remember any contributions are always appreciated and we're still missing loads of pages like most unit break downs and buildables. So if you have some spare time don't hesitate to contribute!!!