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    While I appreciate that Mordheim Skirmish tries to stay true to the turn-based table top, I feel that turn taking is often tedious and spoils what is otherwise a really enjoyable game.

    As an Undead, and Skaven player with a horde of zombies or rats, the AI units are really slowing things down. I feel like opponents often get bored of my long turns, and seem to quit before matches get interesting. Having scanned the forum quickly, I've seen a few suggestions that could counter this:

    1. Make the game 'asynchronous', so that turns needn't be taken in real time in PVP:

    2. Add a fast forward function to speed up AI unit movement:

    Perhaps easier to implement would just be starting the AI units' movement at the start of each turn, allowing the player to move the rest of their units while the slow stuff is advancing in the background.

    Are there any other suggestions I've missed?



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