Starting Positions on Maps


Seems like I am in the same starting location 80% + of the time on each specific map and the enemies are the same. Doesnt seem to matter what gang I am playing. The positioning has become predictable based on the map when it first loads. This is making games become sameish and therefore boring. I'll edit this post once i get some examples, as there are some maps I have only ever started in one location on it even though the enemies have spawned in 3+ locations (80% of the time in one location)

Anyone else notice this?


Yes, it seems that I can guess 80-90% of the time where the opponent will appear relative to my starting location on a specific map. However, I've experienced good randomness in maps and missions which effects the starting positions so I'm happy with the variety there.


There is a lot of issuies with spawn location. Meny times enemys start first and have Bolt guns and kill halv av crew b4 u even can move.