Strange happenings with the new patch


Howdy all o/

Noticed a few odd things with the latest patch.
1. In the unlock map rank 1600 mission (I believe) I spawned in a building within charge distance of the entire enemy warband. Both Warlock and Necromancer died before having their first turn. I still won because my Vamp is a killing machine but still.

2. In the rank 2000 or 2100 unlock mission (unlocks the Mordheim library) my Necro moved behind the starting building where we spawn and my Necro who was in cover was shot by a Marksman (elven bow) through the wall and through the building (It's huge and the ground floor is closed off).

3. I've seen a number of posts re levels being lost on Warbands. My main team has a Captain who was level 43 and lots of skills unlocked. (7 person WB) He is now level 31 but still has the skills unlocked. Other members of the WB are low level, 2 x marksman lv2, 2 x Warriors lv8/9, Warlock lv6 and Freelancer lv8. Total ranking was 1877 (up from around 530 originally).

My skaven WB has one member, level 32 and the WB has a ranking of 2201 (he has far less skills than my Midden WB, though he does have 6 attacks plus the tail vs 4 on my Captain)

Overall, love the new maps! Nice work putting them together. Ranking seems like it needs a little work but overall I'm not unhappy with the match up.