Stuck in progress


I had a warband of six members: four warriors, one archer and one pit fighter, which is the best warriors of them. But, in one battle I've lost 2 warriors, in next battle another died, so I ended up with three members: warrior, archer and pit fighter, the warrior and archer are on level 3 and my pit fighter has lvl 13, which creates the problem. The actual rating of this warband is 235, but in every battle, warrior and archer dies immediately and pit fighter is always outnumbered and flee. The only solutions that comes to my mind is to kick the pit fighter and start over from way lower rating, bur I spent some fate points for him and it seems like wasting money...
Do you guys have some idea how to solve this?


the most important rule for this situation: take a good loss over a bad win.

Play to the objectives.
Sneak like a hairy skaven in breakthroygh. Only target wyrdstone carriers where having halftge wyrdstone wins (can't remember the name). Letthe enemy have the objectives in territory.
It's a slow process but it is very doable. I've done this plenty of times.