Suggestion: actually usefull shields


There has been plenty of talk on this topic on Discord, but I shall put the request here all the same. So here is the deal:

Shields currently have only 1 purpose: Early game armour substitute - Period. Later on (past around 500 rating), shields get ditched and replaced by two handed weapon or a ranged weapon.

What I (and a many other players) advocate, is to add ranged defence (same effect as Elven Cloak or Dodge skill), which would depend on the quality of the shield. The idea is to get shields at least as much ranged defence as they provide normally (Votive shield has Defence of 15 - make it to have -15 to enemy hit chance as well). The purpose of this change is to make shields a more viable option for larger variety of warbands in mid-late game, as well as to help starting bands against ranged spam, which in early stages of the game might get really annoying, especially against Skaven shuriken spam or generally pistollier - blunderbuss spam. It might also make the infamous Dwarves a little bit more competetive.

Simple addition for more overall comfort.