Suggestion: Changes to Offhand equipment slot

He, wish you best! I'd definitely like to see your warband at high level - or do you plan to go solo to the end? I fought a "warband" like that before. It was called Lips or something like that. First few battles it was only one guy in gromril, open helmet, scoped lr and cutlass. It was weird.

Then he bought 6 marksmen all with elf bows, full plate and open helmets. And a freelancer. These were my favorite battles :)
Well 1 member means more gold per shard, and cheaper kit.

I have been hording gromril armour and hocklands with sights.

Once I get enough spares I might start buying as many marksmen as I can!
Dual wielding is was often used as other weapon options were specialized for certain situations and required skills that only Heroes could use to be effective. A two-handed weapon was excellent on damage but your character would be taken out before you could attack in melee. Here Strongman isnt the must-have skill..well unless you also want Lightning Reflexes.

Here using two-melee melee weapons would be more fair. Melee characters have multiple upgrades so that second hand weapon is early on a good option because one extra attack. Later it would be less powerful and instead it would be about versatility. Carry a Warhammer for armored targets and carry an Axe for unarmored ones. That would be balanced more as having that second hand weapon means no shield and no two-handed weapons.

Now if you want to argue about having 2 hands worth of melee weapons and ranged weapons that becomes more of a discussion. Right now you wouldnt get a jack-of-all-trades but rather a master-of-none. You need Trick Shooter immediately and would have to get multiple skills like Nimble if you want to fire on the move, Hunter for using Blackpowder weapons and so on. Melee need multiple attack increases and high strength. Both require multiple statistic increases to pad things out.

To actually make an all-round character would take a very long time. Its much easier to make specialists like Tanks and Glass Cannons. That is where the balance with making an Archer/Fighter is. You would lose to specialists in their respective fields.

This game already teases things like this. You can use Throwing Knives, blackpowder Pistols, and crossbow pistols, but theyre underpowered compared to specialized Melee and Ranged characters.


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Here you go!

He started off as a marksman. Saved all my gold for the hockland with scope first.

You've seen the damage he can do by himself.

I've not actually played for a week as I've been so busy with work.

I really need to get him his 3rd ATK and bump his BS...

GEEZ, that rifle is taller than he is!