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Discussion in 'Bugs and Suggestions' started by Book, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Book Private

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    "This is station officer Jones from Bunker Control: the Commander is
    dead! It means you are in charge now!"

    This is the first line of dialogue in the game, and it's awful. Not only is the grammar relatively poor, but for me at the very least it immediately killed immersion. Jones feels completely two dimensional, not feeling emotional or professional - he just isn't a character at all here.

    Personally I suggest putting the starting message on multiple pages in order to ease the player into the story, rather than slapping them immediately in the face with a big "you're in charge now!"

    Any suggestions? I'm out of time here so I'll have to post on this later!
  2. Ewan Lamont

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    We are open to suggestions... if there are any budding authors out there?

    We need to introduce the setting, Jones and introduce the get the passkey to start the system mission. This is the core text to work off and replace

    This is Station officer Jones from Bunker Command, the commander is dead. You are in charge now. The base systems are badly damaged from the last enemy strike. You need to find the commander’s passkey to restart the system.

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