[Suggestion] Frustrating part of the tuturial, Colour blind mode, Health and load numbers

Discussion in 'Bugs and Suggestions' started by Chris Luniw, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Chris Luniw Private

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    Hi guys, I've been playing this game and have a number of suggestions

    I noticed a very frustrating part of the tutorial that me and a number of people also playing the beta got annoyed at. You are told to scavenge nearby buildings instead of getting into the harvester. I understand that you want to teach players that this is not the only way of getting resources, but it is very frustrating being forced to slowly gather resources from other buildings rather than getting into the harvester. My suggestion is to make the player only have to scavenge one building nearby rather than having to scavenge 5-10 times before being able to get into the harvester.

    My second suggestion is to do with colour. I am a colour blind person and I found my eyes were straining trying to see the movement squares on some terrains. I could barely see it. I would suggest either making the movement squares very easy to see on top of terrains or to add some kind of colour blind mode for people like me.

    My last suggestion is to do with the health and load bars on units. It would be cool to be able to see actual numbers on these bars. For example, it would be nice to know how much health your units have, being a strategy game it would be good to know exact numbers. Also it would be good to see how much load a unit has.

    Hope you find this to be good criticism, liking the game so far.

    Chris Luniw
  2. I_Like_Cake Corporal

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    You can scavenge the same building multiple times.
  3. Jemma Corporal

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    Thanks for you feedback! I just played through the tutorial yesterday and I'm pretty sure you don't have to go in a building to scavenge in the tutorial, you can stand on some rubble and do it from there, it's quick and you don't have to move much and its still relevant to have that in the tutorial. I might be wrong so I'll check but I'm pretty confident you don't have to go from building to building, it's just one of the suggestions.


    Yeah, I just checked and you can scavenge on some rubble or shrubbery and you can scavenge in the same place repeatedly before unloading into the Harvester.


    As for the colourblind thing, I'm not really sure what I can say to that so I'll put it to the guys and see what they think about it. It's an issue that's popped up before so Ill get back to you.

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