Suggestion: Hired Sword Access Changes


First of all, there are no bugs here, and I know that none of this is based on anything gamebreaking and all my arguments are sort of wishy washy theme based.

Witch Hunters! They have access to the Elf Ranger Currently, who can learn lesser magic, and the witch hunters "Hate" all magic users, so I don't think this makes sense. So I think Witch Hunter access to elf rangers should be removed.

Sisters of Sigmar! I think in table top they didn't have access to any shooters, so I'm not sure adding either the dwarf ranger or the duelist made any sense. But I think it makes even less for human males to be in the band. So access to the pit fighter, and the duelist should be removed. I'm more okay with non humans in the warband, such the halfling, ogre, and dwarf ranger they currently have. But why those and not the dwarf slayer or the elf ranger? If they are going to get a shooter, i think the elf ranger makes more sense and fits the warband better than the dwarf ranger does. Especially since the elf has the same magic resistance and rerolls that the sisters already have, and the sisters don't hate magic the way the witch hunters do. In fact if you let the elf equip the sisters armor it could even be a girly elf, which would be extra cool. (I'm picturing an elf ranger / sorceress in the auger's robes.)

So to sum up, could you please:

Witch Hunters:
- Elf Rangers

Sisters of Sigmar:
- Duelist
- Pit Fighter
+ Dwarf Slayer
+ Elf Ranger


Current warband access to hired swords matches TT version so shouldn’t change. Agree above, need to remove magic from elves as it doesn’t match TT and creates game imbalance.