Suggestion: How to make the Freelancer a good hired sword

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  1. CzaRus Major

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    Many, if not all of the playerbase with some experience will ignore freelancers, and will rather hire Pit fighters, Ogres or Dwarves to fight in melee. Why is that so?

    Pit fighters = Freelancer with better starting skills (Pit fighter, Advanced weapon mastery) + speed skills.
    Ogres = Extremely high wounds, strenght and movement + extra attack.
    Dwarves = Extreme WS and attacks , special skills (Hard to kill, Monster slayer, Berserker, Furious charge).

    Freelancer = Your average Hans with armour you can buy yourself cheaper, and a medium quality weapon. He can't use ranged weapons properly.

    He is simply the worst option of them all, none last through long run. My ideas to fix this:

    - Give him ballistic skills, he is a noble for Sigmar's sake! Nobles are known for having fun hunting animals etc. so why no guns?

    - Add special skill: Half-swording
    Dependacies: Master swordsman
    Gives -15 Enemy Defence when using swords
    //When enemy is all encased in steel, head to toe, this young noble uses techniques from the newest combat manusripts and manuals. He grabs his sword by the blade, and aims for the gaps of his opponent's armour, making his thrusts many times as lethal//

    - Add special skill: Absolute weapon mastery
    Dependacies: Advanced weapons mastery, Basic weapons mastery
    Gives increased reach of all two handed weapons, and critical hits +10
    //Traditionally, young nobles are taught to wield various weapons of war, including all kinds of polearms, swords, axes, and many, many more to perfection//

    - Add special skill: Duelist
    Dependacies: 50 WS
    Gives + 10 WS when fighting only 1 opponent at a time
    //Duelling is a must-have skill in a society like the one of the Empire. Young nobles are often taught this art in order to help them overcome some of the many difficulties society has to offer//

    (In case BS were added)
    - Add special skill: Master Hunter
    Dependacies: BS 50
    All guns and crossbows cause 1 extra damage point if BS test is passed
    //Nobles get often bored, and one of the solutions to this problem becomes the art of hunting wild animals, which many times resolves to mastery of this art//

    I know my ideas and dark wishes are really idyllic and hard to achieve, but I think we'll all be glad to have this unit "unique" and usefull at the same time. Thanks for an amazing game.
    With regards
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  2. Sylens Corporal

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    Dude, for a 6 month old Post, this is not getting the attention it deserves. I avoid Pits and Freelancers pretty much entirely for other hirelings. And Dwarves aren't really worth it unless you can roll one with max wnds, ws, and strength. If my base 4 are more ranged, I chase ogres. If my base 4 are more melee, I chase halflings and wizards. How about we make the freelancer a RANGED hireling? Instead of competing with pit fighters, compliment them. Give me a reason to have both in my warband...
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  3. Algirdas25 Major

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    Increased reach?
    Fuck no. Crit? Rarely useful
    -15 enemy defense if you use sword? Good idea
    Duelist? Fit perfectly
    Master hunter? Nope
    Maybe skill that need shield?
    Like if frelancer have shield he gains- 15 to hit chance with ranged weapon (like dodge skill or elven cloak)
    Maybe access to academic skills (wyrdstone hunter.,hagle, streetwise and pet handler+ somethink unigue only for him)

    Or access to mounts?
    When mounts (and rules for them were added) frelancer was one of few units that had acces to them
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  4. Erkebrand Major

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    I think giving any kind of "help" to freelancers could make them more useful. I also think if anyone wearing armor should have a little initiative penalty, but giving freelancers and captains a skill for their training ignoring this could have some sense. And it should be in academic skills.

    About giving a -15 to enemy armor I'm agree but for anyone with strength skills when they have 40, 50 strength so it could make armor not so Op. I mean 2 skills, 1 unlocked with s40 and the second with s50.

    The duelist skill sounds amazing, it have a lot of sense. But if it's combined with pit fighter skill it may be op, so agree if they can't be combined.

    About ranged, agree, they should have the same skills as the captain, but with lesser magic removed. It could be nice to see some other ranged Merc like hockland hunter or some kind of ranged human specialist.
  5. CzaRus Major

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    Absolute armour mitigation ain't a good idea imo, and mind you that nobles are taught to fight since they are 7 years old, of course they should be OP in 1v1, since they trained it their whole life. Make then feel dangerous as they should be... They are laughable at best right now.

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