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Discussion in 'Bugs / Suggestions / Support' started by Shangular, Dec 26, 2018.

  1. Shangular Major

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    Hope everyone had a merry Christmas and time enjoy time-off during the holidays.

    I was thinking that to make this game better in the long run, how about we set level caps. For example let's say the max limit at 20. Now here are the benefits I'm seeing.

    1) This prevents warbands from maxing out all skills and thus forces players to specialize their warriors. Today the goal is to max out everything so all warriors have the same max skillsets. I think this will add to the fun and creation of more memorable warriors.

    2) By not being able to max out all skills, Warband starting bonuses such as Reiklander's shooting skill and Middenheimers Strength skills will actually be valuable. Today not so much because with enough grinding it makes it obsolete.

    3) More equitable PVP matches and more PVP matches in general. Today, high level warbands will have a hard time finding opponents. By having a lower threshold max that most players can achieve, this will result in more active PVP.

    4) I think this is more in line with the TT designers vision of the game. I don't think they ever intended to have a single model acquire all skills and be an all-around power house.

    There probably are others I can't think of right now. If this change were made, it should be applied to all warbands (regardless of how old). Those warbands should be credited back the skill points for players to determine where to respend them (I know that ability is available programming wise as it was done with Reiklanders). I have a maxed out warband and I'm willing to make this change for the long term improvement and fun of the game. Thoughts?
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  2. Algirdas25 Corporal

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    Max level at 20?
    My warband with 6 lads that have min 30 will cry

    Anyway good idea but max cap at 20 is little small
    Maybe 30?

    Or it will depend on type of model

    Henchmen max would be 20
    Cap 40
    Hired sword 30
    Or something like that
    And i that would be implemented it then there should be option to reassign skill point
  3. Trapsinger Brigadier

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    I think if the game had been originally designed with this in mind it would be great. Alternatively, if this were a special ruleset for some kind of pvp league or long tournament that would also be cool.

    But I think maybe it's too late to implement this across the whole game. Too many of us are long past that cap already, and we'd lose a lot of progress on most if not all of our guys.
  4. Algirdas25 Corporal

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    Well originally reiklanders had speed skill...
  5. Double Misfire Private

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    I agree with this wholesale. Max stat/skill warriors are a nightmare and not reflective of tabletop campaigns (where you'd never play enough games to max a warrior's advances out, with or without death being pay2skip).

    Advances past whatever the level cap was could allow warriors to respec a single skill point (and be saved, meaning that existing high level warbands wouldn't completely lose their xp if this were ever implemented)
  6. Oscar Junior Programmer

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    This is a good idea, but unfortunately it is too late for us to make this change. The way / reason that Reiklanders had their skill points refunded would not apply to this so it would be too complicated to implement

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