Suggestion: Make Ambush a shooting skill

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    As a proud Reikland player (at least until Dwarf Treasure Hunters turn up), something that's bugged me ever since Reikland henchmen lost access to speed skills, is that due to access to speed skills as well as shooting, Marienburgers, not Reiklanders have the best marksmen in the game.

    In the tabletop version of the game, Reiklanders trademark was having the best marksmen of the three (five) human mercenary warbands, with the free point of balistic skill giving them a maximum BS of 5 (to other marksman's max BS of 4) (without lad's got talent of course). Reikland marksmen in Warband Skirmish start with a free BS advance, but due to the differences in the two games experience system, this doesn't count for very much, and at high/max levels Mareinburg marksmen are infact "better" than Reikland ones, mainly due to their access to speed skills, in particular Ambush (technically Reikland marksmen are slightly more durable due to their access to speed skills, but that's not exactly what you look for in an archer).

    With Reiklaners' niche as "the shooty humans" (Middenheimers are the strong, melee focused ones; Marienburgers the er... flashy ones) in mind, and the Ambush skill not having appeared in the tabletop game, it would make sense to move Ambush from speed skills to shooting ones, in order to give Reiklanders if not the best archers/riflemen around, at least ones on a par with other human warbands.

    I also personally feel it makes more sense for Ambush to belong in shooting skills and not speed skills, as none of the other skills on the speed "tree" directly affect attacks with ranged weapons, and I always felt it was out of place, even when Reiklanders had access to speed skills.

    (in before the influx of Middenheimer players saying that Ambush is the only thing their marksmen have going for them... ;))

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