Suggestion: Make Pets Incrementally Scale with Warband Rating

Discussion in 'Bugs / Suggestions / Support' started by Jesse Shaffer, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Jesse Shaffer Major

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    One way to get people to spend fate on pets—especially for higher rated warband’s—would be to make pets more useful by giving them incremental scalers affected by warband rating. For example, you could apply a modest scaler to a few attributes (but not all) after the first two 250 point thresholds, and then to all beginning with the third. After that, it might be applied every 300 points.

    It doesn’t have to be much and you obviously should do it in whatever way is best for you but it would make gameplay more interesting if most warbands actually ‘used’ multiple pets because they ‘remained useful’ and it wouldn’t hurt your bottom line either.
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  2. Trapsinger Brigadier

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    Also, I'd be more likely to get fate pets if i could remove their death like an injury with an ad or a fate cost. It's the possibility of losing them that keeps me from spending extra for them.
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    Lol yeah just posted this topic as well, some where now.

    But yeah just add the vid for pets especially the “bought” ones or im not buying them.
    And definitely think scaling some how the pets to be durable enough for advance levels is just plain wise.

    Remember the TT you were never gonna play 100s of matchs so pets were gonna be helpful, and they were under ur control, as i recall. Maybe LEadership test to prevent a charge etc

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