Suggestion: More Sales Through Hired Swords

Discussion in 'Bugs / Suggestions / Support' started by Jesse Shaffer, Jan 25, 2019.

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    I have three proposals that I hope you consider:

    1) The recent addition of a refresh button is a great idea and I absolutely love it. Without an update however, I’ll never use it again to look for halflings because they’re too rare. Experience has led me to conclude that I could spend $100.00 USD looking for halflings to fill my Marienburg warband’s roster and not see a single one. I understand that certain units should be prioritized for different warbands but there really should be far greater predictability in hired sword types when using the refresh button. Otherwise, the exasperation it can cause defeats the purpose and it will never be used to the fullest.

    One possibility would be to have the refresh button give higher probabilities to the least seen Hired Sword types and let people know this. Then, human impatience would work in your favor. You could also just make that an additional type of refresh and charge 2 fate for it. You could call it “Rarely Seen” or “Rare Creatures.”

    2) Add an option to embolden/empower/galvanize the currently selected hired sword which would upgrade its quality to top tier with the caveat that it is GUARANTEED to be IMPERFECT. I leave it to your good judgment to define what top tier actually is but, for me, it means having high (but not necessarily max) health and having all other stats randomly varying within four points of their respective maximums. In other words, it would still be something a player could reasonably encounter randomly if they were to play a relatively large number of games without it.

    People love buying things when they feel they’re getting a deal. This would be a great opportunity to offer those deals by deliberately putting these special class hired swords in the wild at regular price. And when one does show up, it would be pretty easy to advertise it by giving it a glowing aura and the text “Elite Warrior.” You could use an exsisting Witch Hunter effect or two for the aura. Even if someone wasn’t looking to buy a hired sword, there’s a grater chance that they’d buy that one anyway because it’s such a great deal.

    3) Allow your customers to buy a ninth warrior provided they immediately choose which unit they want to dismiss. This doesn’t have to be a complicated screen. You could just present them with a list of names. Customers could always cancel out of it, go back to camp and check the name, and then return to buy the warrior. The present system encourages customers to withhold their purchases until they find what they’re looking for. This change would encourage them buy the warrior that’s good enough for now and then buy the one they want later.
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    To add #3 is great and to expand on that would be the ability to bench warriors which we've discussed in prior threads. This would encourage me to buy more hired swords if I could retain/save off warriors to make room.
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    Yeah just adding the ability to replace a current warrior with on offered when your at full, would be really awesome, the dismissing then lossing what you found is terrible.
    And ive tried the refresh 3-4 times and frankly if im gonna get same random junk for my money I stopped using it, if you just improve the standard average, of their stats, which isnt really cheating they do appear some times very above average, im paying to not have to waste my time. Because Im already willing to grind it out, if needed, im trading some money for time.
    But I dont want this to become some broken paying to win only game, Im just saying offer increased chance to get what you could already get, with abit less mind numbing grinding.

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