Suggestion: Rare PVP Only Drops

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    Probably the single best way to encourage PVP battles would be to add special equipment as rare PVP-only drops. A great way encourage people to STAY CONNECTED during a match would be to withhold the item name (or at least its rarity) until AFTER the battle. Here are some suggestions for possible items:

    * Paintable Metalic Armor: 1st color, e.g. black, would paint the armor black while the 2nd color, e.g. green, would
    give it ghostly green highlights
    * Bone Weapons for Ghouls: Rare animal part (e.g. griffin claw, necromancer’s rib, etc.) that only drops if the
    lowest ghoul in the party is >= level 25; some possible variants could be:
    - adds a % chance to increase damage by 1 point
    - adds 5% critical
    * Normal weapons with a single enhanced stat; for example, an extremely rare comet maul that, rather than subtracting 15, adds 5 initiative.
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    Or after playing a PVP to the end, players could get a 10-20% increase in rarity of store items.

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