Suggestion: Reassess Ratings on Ranged Skills/Weapons and Speed Skills

Discussion in 'Bugs / Suggestions / Support' started by Shangular, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Shangular Brigadier

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    From a Discord conversation this weekend, I think a priority for balance is to reassess the rating impacts on BS and ranged weapons. For example, my Skaven warband's rating drops 1,000 when I switch my leader from Weeping Blades to dual warped pistols which are just as effective in killing. I think the Defense Modifier should be given more weight to combat potential, which is what I believe the Ratings are based on. Having a strength 50 weapon with -50 modifier that negates WS pct. and can't be parried should be valued more. From experience it's easier to kill a high defense opponents with warplock pistols that it is with Weeping baldes.

    Also, Speed skills seem to have very little impact on rating which needs to be re-assessed as it can have a significant impact on combat potential.
  2. Cyberaddict Major

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    I agree! Some speed skills need to be given a higher rating, and ranged combat in general should also be valued more. It’s not normal for a range focused team to easily take on others with twice their rating and not break a sweat.

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