[Suggestion] Refine the Match Making System?

Discussion in 'Bugs and Suggestions' started by I_Like_Cake, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. I_Like_Cake Corporal

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    I'm having issues with being crushed by players far better equipped than I am. I'm currently and have been in the past been put against players much further up the leader board than I am. Meaning my unit cap of 32 vs someone with 90.

    For example i just spent a lot of resources and units taking a territory from another player. It cost me a fair few units but it cost them even more. 10min later he returned with a force I never had a chance of beating. The problem is I don't have the power, units or resources to push him back off the territory or hold it.

    I've previously ran into this problem against another player and its very disheartening. I think if this problem makes it out of beta then it can be a real put off for new players as their will already be many players who have already taken all the territory's.
  2. Gareth Corporal

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    I think if the match making system worked off people with similar support it work great as this means it is always about the tactics you play rather than how much power you pack in your punch. However it may be like that - but because there are so few players playing the game at the moment it means that you have to be paired up with someone a bit higher then usual. That last bit was just a guess but I think it may make a bit of sense.
  3. Gavin Rummery

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    Yes Gareth has nailed it on the head. You are matched by support, but it needs more players to ensure a decent pool to pick from.

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