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    Hello there!

    Some time ago i had to "farm" gold to afford a resurection of my wardband leadder. That was a bit boring, because the temple never give a fate (i must have spent near 3000 gold or more trying to get the 3 fates). After thinking a bit about this i have this idea:
    • Daily video watch for a resurrect: watch a video each day (pray to Morr) for a week and get a resurrection. After this you must pay (1 fate of 1000 gold for example) to complete the ritual.
    Why this system? because buy fate give money to developers, and watch videos too (much less but money at last). And give the oportunity to casual players to support the game.

    On the other hand expend time "farmming" gold to get random bless is boring, you see all the gold vanished on the temple for nothing. Your wardband is more weak with a mercenary less then is more hard get wyrdstones and some times you get tired of this and quit the game some days (Actually, this is my case)

    Maybe this idea need some polish, but i want to give something to think in the future.

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