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    I am unsure if this has been previously suggested. If so then I apologise for the redundancy, but take it on-board that there must be a demand for such action... ;)

    The description for the item, in game, reads:

    Emphasis mine.

    The text is evocative of the up close fast dirty and brutal style of combat found in the seedy pits of the Old World. Used as "...both a weapon and effective parrying tool" however, at present, it seems to be the later -- granting a +12% to Parry, which while higher than bucklers' and most shields, given the trade in loosing out on a secondary form of attack via left handed ballistic weapons or defence via shields, the gauntlet seems a bit lack lustre.

    In the table top version the spiked gauntlet counted mechanically as both a buckler and a second hand weapon, allowing the advantage of both in one package, a parry and additional attack. I am suggesting that closer to the source material and to what was done with weapons like the fighting claws you allow the spiked gauntlet to function as follows:

    Weight: 0
    Parry: +12%
    Attack: 0 (+1)

    Where receiving the +1 to attack is dependent upon the Pit Fighter strength advance . This would make actually using the gauntlet more beneficial than just taking a pistol or bow or shield, parrying is brilliant (when it works) however as it stands, flavour aside, the gauntlet seems a bit lacking by comparison to our other left hand options.
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    I would agree with that fix, in the tabletop, the gauntlet counted as a bucler and an offhand weapon (with a specific instruction that nobody else could learn to use it).

    Tying it to the pit fighter skill would be good, as it would really fit the flavor of the weapon.

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