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    Two quick suggestions on controls that I personally have trouble with, I might be the only one though maybe other can chime in if they agree.

    1. When a small animal (war dog, rat, etc) is directly, for lack of a better word, above my character, or rotationally north of me, I have trouble tapping on them to initiate melee, because the head of my own trooper tends to get in the way. Would be possible to extend the ... "Hit Box?"... of the animals to be the same height as a human warrior so they are easier to click on without rotating the view angle?

    2. When opening the action menu during game play, such as the use item wheel, you have to click the X to close the menu. It would be more intuitive to me if you could also close the menu by tapping out in the middle of screen somewhere to perform an action not on the menu, like move or melee attack, without closing the menu first.

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