Suggestion: Turn Limit and Decreasing Morale


I think these two suggestions need to be implemented for PvP battles and especially for the Defend missions.

Decreasing Morale: This is same concept that is currently in Mordheim where morales on both sides slightly decrease each turn so that games won't last forever. This is probably more needed in Necromunda where you have both sides sitting on overwatch.

Turn Limit: For Defend Shrine and Defend target ganger missions, please add a 10 turn limit. Similar to the Defend the large circle in Mordheim. Again, issue arises when the attacker stays back and sits on overwatch. Now you can say "then go out and attack the attacker". But if you are the defender trying to protect your shrine, why would you? There is no motivation since your goal is to prevent your shrine from being destroyed. Thus a turn limit makes sense, say if you successful prevent your shrine from being destroyed after 10 turns, you win.

To add, both of these are also helpful for AI battles. For Defend Shrine, I also noticed that the AI just goes back and forth if your gangers stay at the shrine and go on overwatch. Again, since I'm defending the shrine, I see no motivation on being the one that has to break overwatch and try to seek out the attacker.
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That would be a great idea.
I had a bug once on a defend ganger mission where the attacker never showed up. Like my guys were alone on an empty map and without the yellow ring at the top of the screen. I skiped turn until turn 20 before i got bored and restarted the game and loosing rep. At least with a turn limit that would have become a victory by abandon since the enemy probably all chicken out in front of my mighty crews