[Suggestion] Unlimited Movement

Discussion in 'Bugs and Suggestions' started by A.J, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. A.J Private

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    Being able to move as far as we want the character to go when a location has been taken control of would be very useful. Having to continuously move a set number of spaces (especially since the movement doesn't cost anything anyway) gets very tedious when the location is owned, particularly with the Harvester.
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  2. I_Like_Cake Corporal

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    It's a nice idea but your forgetting that its supposed to take time. Say you take a map from another player. It's supposed to take you time to fortify it and move units so that they have a fair change at taking it back.
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  3. Overwatch Community Manager

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    this could definitely be something we might see in the future, I like it a lot! Thanks. ONE TROPHY FOR YOU!

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