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    Would anyone else agree it would be nice to know the amount a skill or equipment piece will raise your warband rating?

    I am currently struggling with a warband that I spent some money on when I first started to get a couple ogres and a warlock. The problem being that I took a skill or two that skyrocketed my warband rating making me ill prepared for the “next level” so to speak. So now I risk the death of my paid characters to continue leveling this warband or just allow them to slip into obscurity as an easy kill in the pool of player made warbands.

    Now compare that to a warband I started for the Xmas season, just for fun, where I was cleaning house in pvp with low ranked warbands because I knew not to take any skills that added attacks.

    I bring this up to see what people’s thoughts are, but I feel that knowing the point cost of skills and weapons would allow for a more efficient leveling of warbands, higher quality opponents in both PVE and PVP, fewer abandoned warbands (from when people came to the frustrating realization that they would have to either fire the model they were so excited about getting, say, “combat master” on, or start the warband over again and avoid said skill), and a sort of “soft level” on certain skills. For example, bull rush and combat master might be considered skills you don’t take until you reach a certain rating threshold, or at least a sort of “take at your own risk” category of skills.

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