Suggestion: Warband Specific Temple Donations.

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    Overall the temple donation system is a great addition to the game, and it works great for most blessings on most warbands.


    The undead (and in the future the sisters and the possessed) can't really make use of the BS blessing. Might be nice if this was altered for those warbands. It could just be a buff to a different stat, but in my head it would be cool if it was changed to the following:
    Sisters: 1 free Holy Water awarded.
    Undead: 1 free corpse awarded
    Possessed: 1 free random mutation added to a random warband member.

    Other random temple ideas:

    I think that warbands specifically devoted to a temple (Sigmar or Chaos) should get a discount to the donations, maybe 90 gold instead of 100.

    I think that the whole temple button/area should be renamed to The Pit for the possessed.

    I think that the blessings should be renamed after the chaos gods for the evil warbands. Or maybe even changed to equivalent curses that are applied to your next opponent instead of yourself. (or the orc gods for the greenskins! (Mork say throw stuff! +5 BS, Gork say bash things! +5 strength)
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    How about those Undead warbands who have 7 Dregs equipped with bows?

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