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    Some of this was posted in Discord but just wanted to summarize:

    1) Face/Head customization: Could the option to customize a warrior's head/face be added? Fate could be charged, for example 1-5 fate to finalize customization similar to purchase of fish, gilding, agent options.

    2) Ability to increase paragon stats with skill points up to starting maximum: Perhaps 2-3 skill points to increase a paragon stat by 1 capped at maximum starting level (for example 35 for WS for a merc). This could be a good option to solve getting a good captain. The prior way was to spam your servers creating many unused warbands and the current way has complaints because the starting average is worst that a henchmen you could hire. So perhaps keep the average as today but allow players to increase?

    3) Augurs: Add a skill that gives them +10 WS when wielding dual daggers, similar to Novice skill for dual hammers

    4) Witchhunter warbands: Add a skill that adds a -15 defense modifier when wielding crossbow pistols

    5) Fanatics: Add the advanced flail so that they can continue to keep their unique look.

    6) Re-adjust the rating system to better accurately reflect the combat potential of shooting, speed, and magic skills as well as certain weapons like warplock pistols.
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    I would also like to add a nice update would be the ability to rearrange the members in your warband.

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