Suggestions for Increasing Player Engagement

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    #1. In camp, it would be better if models ordered by initiative. Besides giving useful at-glance information without the use of numbers (which is what most people want in a game), it would also give immediate tangible visual feedback on player choice (which functions as a kind of reward). Lastly, it would also add variety and visual interest to a part of the game that tends to be stagnant and grows increasingly more so with time.

    #2. When it comes to player engagement, you’re missing a golden opportunity when it comes to death, out of action, and injured statuses. The game, at the very least, should make a big deal when you’ve actually killed an opponent. This would increase the anxiety for players—in the moment—when they’ve just lost a man (which strengthens stimulus addiction and leads to more ££££ for you). It also functions as an added reward for the other player that just “whacked that guy good” as it were. Finally, the display time of the aforementioned statuses is a bit too brief which makes them easy to miss. Either increasing their display time by around 0.5 to 1.0 seconds and/or emphasizing death would making playing the undead a lot more fun.

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