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Padré Luke

Yesterday we had a niiice lil' brainstorm session with NerdShepp and The Mysterious Void and some of the beta testers, all across the Discord server's Necromunda categories (and in our DMs) about things that could work well in the game, changes/new things we'd like to see made...

...and I thought about compiling those ideas, bringing them here, so that the community (containing the creators of the game: it's developers) can see some of the brightest thoughts about all this. In a more convenient form.

And heck yeah, there was an abundace of ideas, a cornucopia of minor and major things we'd all love.
Some of them would be outrageously challenging to implement, for sure, but we can always shape those rough edges, so we can find a happy medium...
And of course there are ideas that would be a child's play to make it work with the already estabilished system.

(I'm still working on a small bug report ATM with illustrations, ..and playing the more of all this a lil' bit later.. but still, here it is:
You too can, feel free to add your two cents to the common cause: making the game better!)

Padré Luke

Oh yeah, even I get anxious when there's a cliffhanger, so until stuff is done, here's something:


Padré Luke

Or I'll just quote the real point:

! It would be nice to have a "Lore" menu in the game, where we could read up on the various locations, mission types, gadgets we've discovered/found/unlocked/collected so far!
! Also, an "Armoury" sub-menu (where the player could scroll through theitems they possess, see them in detail, compare them to each other, etc..) wouldn't hurt either.

! Oh, and a gang screen like the one in Mordheim: Warband Skirmish!

This, in the video here:

That would be just golly gee awesome, don't you think?

Padré Luke

Well.. the Universe pretty much hates me lately or IDK, IDC, but yeh, the great MS (the opposite of Bighard) Excel has just garbled up my precious file (and also it's temp backup) of the collected suggestions, so... fukit.

Here are our d҉̩͖͍̕͡e͏̢̲̘͖̥̹͇̙̟̟͕̮̞̬͙͟ͅͅm̷̨͎̺̞̘̞̹̬͞͝ą̜̙̦͉͈̰͟ṉ̼̱̟͈͔͖̹̥̙́̕͞d̟̖̤́͝s̴̱̞̭̪̳̹͉̟̻̰̖͍̦̀̕ͅ suggestions so far (that I can still remember, off the top of my head):

  • Flora and fauna as enviromental hazards and/or pets (or collectibles/consumables/crafting material), like:
    • dogs
    • BIG f'ing lizards
    • some evil carnivorous plants
    • flesh eating bacteria/fungi
    • sump rats
    • and an assload of other yuckie things
  • Special encounters/ -events/ Boss fights
    • Like.. a mighty Ratskin totem warrior, or a blindsnake crawling through a hive-bottom level as a rare pick-up item or something like that... Maybe one of the lookouts who are out on a reckon mission could randomly stumble upon things like that.... with only a slight chance, like 0,025% / cycle?
  • collectibles (as above.. or at the marketplaces/Guilders
  • a hugely refined code, so I could play the game smoothly on my long dead granny's blood pressure monitor
  • a harem in every state.. and when I say "one harem", I mean TWO!
  • And of course
    DOCTOR Evil!.gif

So what do y'all say?
Are these some feasible dem.. suggestions?
Do you have similar ideas.. or any?

C'mon, let's hear (read) them! Write 'em here, or at the Legendary Games Discord server!
Let's throw some ideas at the wall, see what sticks!
Reflect, throw in yer two creds, check for wurms!