Survival do since update


since the update on Thursday I have been getting no survival xp with any of my warbands regardless of scenario. I have 3 warbands at different ratings one of which is maybe 20 battles in.
The last update made several changes. One I noticed was my warband rating dropped significantly. I dont know how they exactly calculate warband rating, but this did have consequences. Ive noticed Im not getting the survivor bonus as often now.

For me that might just mean Im getting easy warbands to fight with low difficulty but low rewards.

If youre getting no Survivor Experience with a low level warband then that is a big problem if they just removed experience from fighting and changed it to almost all Kill reliant Experience.
I've had the same problem, at first I thought it was just a random thing, but now it's pretty much consistent. It's can't be based upon kill rating alone, surviving the battle unOOA'd is also part of the deal.

Also, it would be nice to see an explanation of how to find new maps, and how the war and rating works.
Biker Mice, go mate!!! I've met you on the field before...

My current warbands are

The Great Fubar in the Sky, aka the Grand Fubar
The Big Cheese
The Arkhams


Still all too often I my men get no Survival bonus, unless the ememy warband was much stronger mine. I just fought a battle against a Skaven Team that I barely defeated. None of them had less than 8 Wounds and I got no bonus. Underdog bonus needs to be reworked. If I remember correctly the number of bonus xp for going against stronger opponents depended on the actual difference between the Ratings and Cold go as high as 3 or 5 extra Experience, can't find a copy of the original game to look it up right now.

Once again: It is utterly frustrating if your weaker gangmembers don't earn a single xp, because they are not able to take out stronger opponents. Change it please.

Sorry for the many typos and mistakes, I'm still stuggling with my phone (German setting, changes english in german words, like replacing "got" with "vor", writing everthing in capital letters and so on).

Ewan Lamont

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What seems to be happening is after a new update the pools of available opponents shrink, so we get more miss matches. This is because we only match people who have the same assets downloaded but overtime it sorts itself out. We have been pushing new updates a lot because we have developed quite a lot of new content that we need out before live multiplayer is realesed: rats, dogs, new environments and then improved animal ai and very soon - if not already on some platforms the rat ogre. There will be one more push this weekend after that we will get back to fortnightly pushes so this will become less of an issue.