Tactics is coming to steam soon!


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Hello everyone!

It's been a rumor blowing around this forum board like a piece of tumbleweed for a while now but I today I can confirm that Year 0: Tactics will be released on Steam!

So what does this mean?

Well this is great news, first of all we will be releasing to the worlds biggest PC gaming platform and we will be among other great games.

Steam has a great community and we cannot wait to expand and touch hopefully thousands more people.

A Steam release will primarily enable us to release a higher res version of the game that we can target towards people with powerful PCs.

A higher res version of Tactics will enable us to upgrade all the visuals, this includes textures, models and particle effects, include new maps to play on, including the loved city map from Year 0 and take your suggestions for new units to include in the game!

This is just an announcement for now, we are currently going through the Greenlight process. Once we have a green light page I will post a new thread and create a new forum specifically for our journey of getting on Steam!

Check out this awesome visualization from our artist of what the environment could look like!

y0t steam pic.jpg