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    So, I've been watching my housemate battle with control of his rat ogre. It wasn't til I looked it up in my olde ruleboke that I found the trick, that a warband member must be within six inches or however far that translates in the app or else it must make a stupidity test. All good, after learning that, my mate has been enjoying his ratogre again, but is there any place in the fluffy word stuff where a player could learn this?
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    I think when you first purchase a Rat Ogre, there's a dialog that tells you about it, and needing someone nearby. But yeah, Rat Ogres are basically intelligent enough to understand the difference between "Me Smash Now?" And "ME SMASH NOW!", anything else besides breathing, they basically give you a "huurrrrdduuruurrrrrr" look... So somebody has to draw the short straw to stay back each turn with Lennie to tell him which way toward the bad gaiz.
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    On Thursday we are adding a fluff button to all characters in the camp and tavern scene.

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