The Augur of the Sisterhood!

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    The blind Augurs of the Sisterhood are blessed beyond their comrades. By giving up their sight they have gained something far more, second sight – a gift from their patron god. Only a very few are marked this way, and they are greatly revered by the Sisterhood. Unlike the rest of the priestesses, they shave their heads, save for a single long braid.

    The Augur is now available as a hiredsword for Sisters of Sigmar warbands with 4 members or more. The Augur holds a powerful unique skill in Blessed Sight, allowing them to automatically retry any failed action or test, including to hit or parry.

    Head over to the Appstore right now to download the latest update!
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    She looks just like the original miniature there, amazing work as per!

    Trollslayers next please! :D
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